Vision of ICGC (Acts 2:42)
To establish the house of God, through the development of Model New Testament Christians and churches.’
That is, we have the commitment to train and equip God’s people who come to our church to develop and grow into maturity in Christ so they will manifest the character of Christ.

Our Mission  Statement

  • Raising Leaders
  • Shaping Vision
  • Influencing Society through Christ

Through our programs, we trust to make the lives of our people better than before they came to Church, and redirect their perception and behavior in conformity with God’s word. This attitude which is based on the word of God will transform the lives of people in their communities, work place, schools etc.

Our Logo (Acts 2:41- 42)
This consists of the Globe with highlight on the African Continent. It has Four Pillars and an oval ring around it holding them together.
The Globe represents the world and our focus to reach out internationally. The  four pillars represent  the main focus and  devotion the early  church was committed to namely, Doctrine, Prayer, Fellowship and Breaking Bread.

Our Philosophy
• Practical Christianity
• Human Dignity
• Excellence

We believe Christianity is not a myth. God’s word preached must bring truths that can produce results when applied to one’s life.
Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and must be treated with respect and honor. Also, everything the Christian or the human being will do must be in excellent shape to the glory of God. (Daniel 5:12